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Localised or Spot Cryotherapy is an evolution of the ice pack. But what an ice pack takes 10-20 minutes to achieve, Localised Cryotherapy can do in 3 minutes. Crafted for the time poor and customers looking for accelerated relief and comfort.

Localised Cryotherapy can accelerate healing and recovery by providing topical cold induced analgesia, initially slowing metabolism in an injured body area, and then encouraging the body to circulate blood more rapidly into the cooled area. This can reduce swelling/oedema; promote re-oxygenation, removal of toxins and waste products post injury; decrease inflammation; and reduction of pain. This in turn permits greater flexibility and mobility for the customer; enabling them to engage more quickly and fully in recommended physiotherapy exercises to secure faster recovery.

Localised Cryotherapy can also be used to achieve anti-aging and improved skin care benefits. Localised Cryotherapy Facials promote the production of collagen at deeper levels in the skin which in turn enhances rejuvenation, improved elasticity, the reduction of fine lines & smoothing of the skin resulting in a more youthful glow.

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