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We are committed to better outcomes for customers

Come ask and join our research programmes where we will be working with local General Practitioners and Medical Specialists to refine treatment protocols, enhance treatment effectiveness, and determine the shape of maintenance/booster treatment cycles.


Research will focus on:

Red/NIR Light Therapy and joint pain, sleep, mental state/mood, scarring/skin healing.
Sonic Vibration Plate Therapy and leg muscle strength, balance, physical activity levels, change in mineral bone density in over 55 year olds
Local Cryotherapy and adjunct enhancement value with standard physical therapy (pain, depth of engagement, speed of return to normal function)
emKEGEL incontinence treatment and treatment protocol refinement with respect to age, incontinence type, chronicity, and pattern of treatment delivery.
HyperMAX electromagnetic stimulation to promote core muscle development and positive benefits including reducing chronic lower back pain and increasing physical activity.
Whole Body Cryotherapy and systemic markers of inflammation, Type II diabetes, mental state/mood, energy/physical activity.



Ongoing learning and participation in advancing treatments
Access to treatments at significantly reduced prices


Programmes will commence late 2021


Contact us if your interested in participating.

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